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Industrial coatings have great prospects, and their prospects have been praised by leaders

industrial coatings have great prospects, and their prospects have been praised by leaders

April 16, 2021

recently, I noticed one. Zhang Xiangan, Secretary of Anqing Municipal Party committee, went to Yingjiang District, Daguan district and Yixiu district to investigate the economic and social development of parks, enterprises and communities. Municipal leaders Zhang Ruo, Junyi, Wang Aiwu and song Shengjun accompanied the investigation of paint respectively

when in the environmental protection coating industrial park, Zhang Xiangan had a cordial conversation with the person in charge of Linghu paint and Jingxiang new materials enterprises. He pointed out that the coating industry, especially industrial coatings, has great potential. Enterprises should strengthen the docking and cooperation with high-end technology research institutes, constantly improve the scientific and technological content, and promote products to the high end; The park should aim at leading enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises in the coating industry, recruit large and strong enterprises, strengthen the drive of leading enterprises, and promote the development of industrial agglomeration

where should the industrial coating market develop? According to the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment, at present, water-based woodwork, industrial and marine coatings, high solid content and solvent-free are mainly encouraged to be divided into powders according to their shape. We celebrate the success of ISRO, which is an environmentally friendly and resource-saving coating with low VOCs content in the form of spherical, flaky, columnar, needle and fiber fillers, radiation curing, functional external wall external insulation coating, which is used for large aircraft Production of high-performance anti-corrosion coatings in key areas such as high-speed rail and production of chlorinated titanium dioxide with a single line capacity of 30000 tons/year or more. Environmental friendly coatings with low VOC content have been recognized. At the same time, high-performance anti-corrosion coatings are still the key demand of the industrial coating industry

with the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies and the enhanced national awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for environmental friendly and energy-saving coatings will continue to grow. The industrial coating industry should also speed up technological changes, adjust the industrial structure, and shift to environmentally friendly and multifunctional products such as water-based coatings and radiation curing coatings, so as to realize the replacement of old and new production capacity

in addition, worldwide, end users are looking for ways to improve sustainability. Obviously, the coating industry has gradually changed from traditional solvent based coatings to water-based coatings (especially in the European market)

in recent years, the Chinese government is accelerating the pace and strengthening the restrictions on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For example, the Chinese government has imposed a tax on solvent based coatings and changed the regulatory requirements for container coatings to shift from solvent based to water-based coatings. This trend is also developing to other industrial applications

by 2017, the industry will reduce the use of disposable plastic bags by 50%. It is estimated that no one can give an accurate quantitative standard on how big the market for industrial coatings is. However, it is not difficult for us to find that there are still many potential markets that have not been explored. Due to the wide range of fields covered by industrial coatings, it is impossible to conduct a detailed analysis, but at present, the general judgment in the industry is that industrial coatings account for 60% - 70% of the total, and this proportion is still on the rise. Like civil coatings, the market of industrial coatings is far from saturated. It is estimated that this is why the leaders praised the prospect of industrial coatings when they visited the industrial park

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