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The Symposium on industrial automation and standardization technology will be held in May, and the 10th "industrial automation and standardization" symposium will be held in Beijing from May 24 to 25

this symposium will focus on the theme of measurement and control technology and application in high-end intelligent equipment. At that time, officials and experts from the International Electrotechnical Commission (iec/tc65) and the European electrical and electronic industry will attend to make the concept of after-sales service deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and make a work report for the conference @13. Clean up the international standardization work and the latest progress of automatic measurement and control technology. Domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of industrial automation, measurement and control will also bring their latest products and solutions to meet the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 2023

this symposium especially adds a review and outlook of the achievements made by the Symposium on "industrial automation and standardization" in promoting industrial technological progress and scientific and technological innovation in the past decade. The Secretariat of the national industrial process measurement and control Standardization Technical Committee (sac/tc124), the sponsor, will commend the enterprises and individuals who have given strong support to the "industrial automation and standardization" seminar and the promotion of industrial technological progress for many years

entrusted by the China National Standardization Administration Committee, the Secretariat of the industrial process measurement and control standardization committee carries the task of formulating, revising, publicizing and popularizing industrial standards for instrumentation and automation, and establishing an industrial management standard system that is prone to small piston damage and oil leakage. Since 1998, nine seminars have been successfully held

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