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The industrial chain is the key factor affecting the price of plastics

in the middle of 2013, the price of plastics has changed a lot, and the factors affecting the price of plastics include macro, industry and price structure, but the key factor is the industrial chain

macro, industry and price structure are the three main factors affecting futures prices, and the contradictions of each variety and each stage are different. For variety analysis, on the basis of comprehensive analysis, we must be able to accurately grasp the main contradictions of the variety at the current stage, which is very important to improve the accuracy of the analysis results

in 2014, China's economy moved forward in oscillation and transformed in pain. However, the overall macro environment is stable and has little impact on plastics. The main demand of LLDPE comes from agricultural film and plastic film, and these two downstream are either related to agriculture or daily consumption. They are not sensitive to macro-economy, so the macro environment is not the main factor affecting the price of LLDPE

the impact of crude oil on the trend of plastics is weakened. The author has continuously improved the "vein" industrial chain such as energy-saving and environmental protection production and remanufacture. After comparing the relationship between crude oil and the closing price of LLDPE futures, it is found that the correlation between LLDPE and WTI has decreased significantly since 2011, and the correlation coefficient between the two is only about 0.2 since January 2013

in general, the industrial chain is the key factor affecting the trend of plastic prices. Plastic bag consumption is still a big key, in which Petrochemical inventory plays a decisive role. From mid April to November 2013, the inventory of petrochemical plants remained low, which made the plastic price easy to rise but difficult to fall. It began to rise sharply in mid December. How the subsequent inventory will be interpreted will still be the key to determining the rise and fall of plastic prices

one of the market prices of products is new materials. From last year to this year, the price of new materials has also fluctuated. A typical example is that in the past two years, due to the particularity of our national conditions, the price of PVC is a big lower than that of PP and PE. If the price of new materials falls, the price of recycled materials will certainly fall, and the relative profit space will remain certain. If the price of new materials is high, the recycled materials will also increase, and if the price of new materials is low, the recycled materials will also decrease

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