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Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory attaches importance to the development and promotion of new products

Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory was founded in 1984 and is the first manufacturer of filter materials in Zhejiang. Since its establishment, the factory has focused on developing new products and cultivating scientific and technological talents, and constantly developing technological transformation projects and the introduction of new products, which has played a great role in strengthening the supervision and exhibition of the industry in Zhejiang Province

in 1993, the industrial cloth in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province developed a high-temperature industrial dust removal bag. In 1995, this product was rated as one hundred excellent scientific and technological products of the province by the Zhejiang Association for science and technology and the Zhejiang science and technology newspaper. In 1996, it was awarded the "Eighth Five Year Plan" scientific and technological achievement award of China. The polyester cylinder dust removal cloth bag woven flannelette and polyester round produced in 1999 unscrew the speed valve handle in a counterclockwise direction to supply oil so that the piston rises away from the cylinder bottom cylinder dust removal filter material, which has passed the national environmental protection product certification. In 2000, it developed high-strength and high-density composite diaphragm cloth and won the title of high-tech product in Zhejiang Province and national new product. In 2003, we developed double-layer special monofilament filter cloth, high-strength belt filter cloth, synthetic monofilament filter cloth and special cloth for sailboats. In that year, these new products passed the provincial acceptance of new products

in 2000, Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory first introduced high-end looms locally, setting off a high tide of technological transformation of filter material enterprises. The research and development of monofilament cloth in the factory was as early as 1960. The aluminum engine came out in 1997. After four years of research, it was basically developed successfully in 2001. The successful research and development of monofilament cloth has caused an upsurge in the production of monofilament filter materials in the industry, and has also achieved good economic benefits, changed the monopoly situation of foreign enterprises on this kind of products, and made users and enterprises get tangible benefits. In 2006, the three-dimensional structure high-efficiency monofilament filter cloth was successfully developed. This product can replace imported products, so the filtration accuracy and service life can be comparable with imported products, and the product price is only about 1/3 of imported products. It provides conditions for users to use domestic filter materials to improve production efficiency, save energy and reduce production costs. At present, this product has achieved large-scale production

as soon as the industrial cloth factory in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province opened, it attached importance to the training of talents, not only training technical developers, but also training equipment technicians and operators. In the process of training talents, there is a complete training plan. If the technology fails to meet the requirements, they will not go to work, and the product quality will be strictly controlled, and unqualified products will not flow out of the factory. In quality testing, the testing equipment of Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory is basically complete. At present, among other local enterprises in the same industry, technicians and ordinary car blocking workers basically have talents trained by Tiantai industrial cloth factory. Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory has played a certain role in promoting the overall technical level of the industry

from producing ordinary products to high-tech products, Zhejiang Tiantai industrial cloth factory constantly develops new products and promotes the application of new products. This is not only in line with the direction of investment in technological progress and technological transformation of China's textile industry, but also contributes to improving the ability of independent innovation, eliminating backward production capacity, optimizing industrial layout, accelerating the construction of independent brands, and promoting the sustainable and healthy operation of the textile industry

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