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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a special external R & D service contract for gibback financial management system to create a "financial robot"

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a special external R & D service contract for gibback financial management system to create a "financial robot"

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original title: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a special external R & D service contract for gibback financial management system, Create a "financial robot"

with the development of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, the financial profession also urgently needs to use these new technologies to improve its business capabilities in this field. The necessity and urgency of the implementation of emerging concepts such as "financial machine 3 and tensile experimental machine man" in the financial profession have become prominent. In order to further reduce labor costs, improve labor productivity, and build a new generation of financial system, industrial and Commercial Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as ICBC) signed a special external R & D service contract for the financial management system with jibaker, completed the design and R & D of the "financial robot" program, and promoted the financial transformation in the digital era


about industrial and Commercial Bank of China

established in 1984, industrial and Commercial Bank of China is one of the world's leading banks. It has a high-quality customer base, diversified business structure, strong innovation ability and market competitiveness, and provides comprehensive financial products and services to 6.271 million corporate customers and 567million individual customers around the world. Since 2017, ICBC has continued to rank first in many core indicators in the world, ranking first among the top 1000 global banks of the banker in the United Kingdom, the top 2000 global enterprises of Forbes in the United States, and the sub list of the top 500 commercial banks of fortune, and has been the world's most valuable bank brand of brand finance for five consecutive years


business driven finance, automatic voucher recognition

the specific content of the implementation of this project is that according to the current financial business development and system construction of ICBC, the micro excitation generated by the construction is amplified and acted on the test piece to carry out the material fatigue experiment. It is a certain forward-looking "financial robot", whose functions cover basic maintenance, analysis and evaluation, prediction and evaluation Key news release and information display, etc

at that time, jibek will develop financial robots with independent functions according to different business scenarios and needs of ICBC, which can be divided into five types: expense robots, accounts receivable and payable robots, accounting robots, value-added tax robots, and financial reporting robots. After the completion of the project, it will be mainly used in the whole process of financial expenditure closed-loop, overseas financial management system optimization and other scenarios to help ICBC achieve the financial system construction goals of directly driving business accounting, automatic recognition of financial vouchers, intelligent voice navigation, and building financial assets IOT


unified data architecture, intelligent rule engine

the business model of financial analysis and decision support of "financial robot" is composed of data source, data collection, data processing, index system, method system, theme system, dimension system and Application system. It is a big data platform integrating data collection, storage, search, processing and analysis. The platform integrates structured data and unstructured data to realize unified data architecture, storage and archiving of massive heterogeneous data, information organization, search access, security control, analysis and visualization, so as to meet the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards, data mining, data governance, etc. the system also realizes unified management and maintenance of rules through rule engine products, It has good compatibility and scalability

related cooperation

in recent years, ICBC has continuously deepened the strategies of large retail, large asset management, large investment banking, internationalization and integration, actively embraced the Internet, always adhered to professional focus, developed professional business models, and made outstanding contributions to the development of Inclusive Finance. In order to further promote the construction of big data intelligence and lead innovation driven development, ICBC has been cooperating with kibak for 4 years since 2015. During this period, we jointly built high-quality cooperation projects such as the "enterprise XBRL reporting platform system" (2015) and the direct application of the "financial information registration system" (2017), which effectively improved the quality and efficiency of the information registration of ICBC's financial products. In this cooperation, jibek will further use the cutting-edge Internet technology to promote the intelligent construction of big data of ICBC, improve the decision-making ability of Finance in enterprise management, and speed up the reform and transformation of the financial system in the digital era

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