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Large panel: respond to market changes and effectively use production capacity

with the rapid economic development, China has become the world's largest consumer market and largest production base for electronics. At present, many manufacturers have operated several panel production lines, and their products are sold to China and major markets around the world. Due to technical defects and the huge investment required for research and development, Chinese LCD panel enterprises invest in the flat panel display market later than foreign mainstream LCD panel enterprises. It is estimated that 10 years after Tianma microelectronics group first released its 15 inch display in China in 2004, the market share (shipping area benchmark) of Chinese LCD panel enterprises will reach more than 10%

since the 8.5 generation line independently developed by China was put into operation, its growth rate increased significantly in the fourth quarter of 2011. In 2011, the annual shipment of Chinese panel enterprises' TV panels was about 4million units, while in 2012, the annual shipment rose to about 26million units, surpassing Japan to become the third largest TV panel shipping country in the world. According to the shipment statistics in the first half of 2013, the shipment volume of China's TV panels has reached nearly 19million units, and it is expected to reach a share of more than 17% in 2013

have stable customers and markets

have stable customers and markets, as well as the strong support of the government, which have played an important role in promoting the development of LCD panel enterprises

there are many reasons for the rapid development of Chinese LCD panel Enterprises:

one is the stable customer structure and market

Chinese LCD panel enterprises have the largest market in the world and the Chinese market, as well as Chinese domestic TV brands that account for more than 80% of the Chinese market. With the rapid development of economy, LCD TV has been widely recognized and rapidly popularized by consumers. At the same time, domestic TV brands have significantly increased their share in the Chinese market through technological and product innovation. Chinese LCD panel enterprises have increased their cooperation with domestic TV brands, and their share has also increased rapidly

second, the strong support of the Chinese government for the development of science and technology has played an important role in promoting the development of LCD panel enterprises

the formation and operation of the LCD panel industry requires huge capital investment and long-term management, and the strong support of the Chinese government makes the fledgling Chinese LCD panel enterprises have enough confidence to deal with the market. In addition to the investment of funds, the Chinese government also adjusted the tariff of LCD panel from 3% in 2011 to 5% in 2012, ensuring that Chinese LCD panel enterprises can lay a foundation for the development of manufacturing industry and real economy in its market

the third is efficient product production and the improvement of product competitiveness

at present, the mainstream product in China's LCD TV market is still 32 inches, and Chinese LCD panel enterprises focus on investing in the 8.5 generation line. Compared with the late investment of foreign LCD panel enterprises, it also greatly reduces the burden caused by high investment. Therefore, the price of LCD panel also ensures its certain market competitiveness

actively respond to market changes

improving the competitiveness of large-scale products and making effective use of existing production capacity are the topics faced by Chinese LCD panel enterprises

there is no doubt that the development and achievements of Chinese LCD panel enterprises have attracted worldwide attention. However, the slow growth caused by the saturation of the LCD panel market forces LCD panel enterprises to actively take measures through the red ocean strategy to cope with market changes. Its performance is:

at present, lgdisplay and samsungdisplay, a 62 year old man from Yorkshire, UK, with the largest share in the LCD panel market, are keen on the production of AMOLED TV panels, which is also a kind of strategy. Although it cannot replace LCD TV in the short term, it is also one of the strategies to deal with the great challenges of Chinese LCD panel enterprises and compete with them. Innolux also develops and produces differentiated products that are more beneficial to itself through strategic changes to maintain its market competitiveness. Japanese LCD panel enterprises are also committed to the production of high-resolution products through the development of LTPS and oxidetft technology

due to the saturation of the market, the annual average growth rate (CAGR) of the LCD TV panel Market in the future is only about 5%. According to the future new generation production line investment plan of Chinese LCD panel enterprises, Chinese LCD panel enterprises, mainly BOE, csot optoelectronics and CLP panda, are expected to successively put into operation five new production lines in the future, which means that the annual growth rate of LCD TV panels that can be supplied by the 8.5 generation line will exceed 10%, and then the relationship between supply and demand will deteriorate further. In such fierce competition, only with all aspects of competitiveness, enterprises can survive

with the maturity of LCD panel technology and the rapid increase of output, the price of LCD panel continues to decline and will tend to develop in the direction of large size in the future, which is also the reason why Chinese LCD panel enterprises need to further expand their product lines. Improving the market competitiveness of 46 inch, 55 inch and other large-size products on the basis of 32 inch and making effective use of the existing production capacity is a topic faced by Chinese LCD panel enterprises

increase the proportion of mainstream products and actively expand to foreign markets. Due to the saturation of China's domestic market, if we need to further enhance the competitiveness of Chinese LCD panel enterprises, we need to actively increase the proportion of foreign markets

in addition, in order to effectively respond to the market and improve their product competitiveness, it is necessary to develop products equivalent to those of foreign mainstream LCD panel enterprises. Including UHD, which has become a hot topic recently, and considering the medium and long term, the development of AMOLED panels is also an important part. To effectively deal with the variability of the market, we need not only to invest in production capacity, but also to pay high attention to the development of new products and next-generation display technology and implement it in order to remain invincible

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