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Heilongjiang's largest packaging paper enterprise will be put into operation at the beginning of next year. Release date: Source: Phoenix

walks through the construction site of the Longde paper renewable resources utilization project with an annual output of 500000 tons of cardboard in Jiamusi high tech Zone. Factories rise from the ground, and the roar of machines is heard everywhere. The total investment of 869million is planned to revitalize the original paper mill, which can "clean up" the waste paper shell with Jiamusi as the center and radiating nearly one million tons across the province, and create more than 400 new jobs

the vivid picture of "Longde" is also a glimpse of Jiamusi's magnificent prospect of making good use of ecological advantages and resource endowments, transforming ecological advantages into development advantages with reform as the driving force, and doing a solid job of "six guarantees" with project construction as the support in the process of strengthening the construction of "top 100 projects" in the province

Tongxin ran out of "Longde speed"

and walked into the construction site. Wu Donghui, the legal representative of Jiamusi Longde Paper Co., Ltd., pointed to the building under construction and told, "we plan to test produce in April next year."

the construction period of less than two years is a competition with time, which reflects the wisdom, courage, effort and responsibility from all parties. Jiamusi people and Longde people are in the same direction

in June 2019, Longde paper's renewable resource utilization project with an annual output of 500000 tons of cardboard broke ground in Jiamusi; At present, the construction of the main frame structure below the elevation of 14 meters and the masonry of the outer wall on the first floor of the wet papermaking complex have been completed, with a total of 70% of the total work amount completed. The pulping workshop completed the construction of the main frame structure below the elevation of 16.9 meters, accounting for 70% of the total quantities; The main equipment has arrived in succession, and the auxiliary production factors are being gradually implemented. In the first phase of the project, the production line will introduce first-class equipment from internationally renowned companies in the paper industry. The key equipment for pulping and papermaking are the complete set of waste paper treatment equipment in Voith, Germany, the headbox and rewinder in Valmet, Finland, the Andritz flow system in Austria, and the Yuli triple stack machine in Taiwan. The production process realizes DCS integrated automatic control and operation, and the product quality realizes the whole production closed-loop control management through Honeywell QCS system. The whole system has the first-class level of the current world paper production line in terms of single machine capacity and unit consumption control level of products

"how to operate the impact experimental machine in our city? Some industrial projects should be actively developed, and the landing should protect the navigation." Want to be in front, hold back. The advance planning of Jiamusi municipal Party committee and government ensures "Longde speed"

in August 2017, in order to promote the development of urban industrial projects, sound group, the parent company of jiasanton new energy, invested 1billion to build the largest domestic waste battery recycling project in Changsha. According to the opinions of the main leaders of Muse municipal Party committee and municipal government, the urban investment company took over and promoted the implementation of the boxboard project. With the approval of the Municipal State owned assets supervision and administration office, Longde paper company was established; At the beginning of 2018, the Jiamusi municipal Party committee and government studied and hired the national development and Reform Commission Expert Group to demonstrate, and selected the site in the former Jiamusi paper mill to carry out the preliminary work of the project; In September, 2018, Jiamusi also made continuous efforts to realize the continuous growth of its business in Greater China. The Municipal Intermediate People's court auctioned the assets of longjiangfu pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. in accordance with the law. Longde paper acquired the ownership of longjiangfu assets with 337million yuan. According to the requirements of the court's auction procedures, the purchase funds need to be paid in three days. Due to the lack of funds, shaoguoqiang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, went to the Provincial Construction Bank to communicate and coordinate in person. The construction bank finally agreed to pay by instalments and exempt interest of more than 20 million

"during the construction period, Yang Bo, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Shao, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, was an industry rally for industry manufacturers and R & D institutions. Guoqiang and other municipal leaders visited the project site for many times to investigate and guide the project construction, and required all relevant departments to give full support and close cooperation to accelerate the preliminary work of the renewable resources utilization and production of 500000 tons of cardboard project, so as to ensure that the project can be started as soon as possible." Wu Donghui told

make full use of the original paper mill land of 27 hectares; The reconstruction and utilization of sewage treatment, water supply, drainage, power supply, housing and other auxiliary facilities of the original paper mill can effectively reduce the construction cost; The production and operation efficiency can be effectively guaranteed by using the existing special railway lines, water transport terminals and convenient traffic conditions; If possible, the original pulping line and No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 paper machines can be upgraded, which can enrich the variety of products and improve economic benefits Speaking of the benefits of choosing to carry out the project in the former Jiamusi paper mill, Wu Donghui was like a treasure

it is reported that the "Longde" renewable resource utilization project with an annual output of 500000 tons of box board paper has a total investment of 869 million, covers an area of 270000 square meters, and a construction area of 95600 square meters. The project uses domestic and some imported recycled waste paper as raw materials to produce high-quality pulp through shredding, roughing, graded selection, and thermal dispersion, and then produces finished products through three stack paper machines, turning waste into treasure and reducing pollution

the spillover effect of "big projects" is being released

a good project can become a city business card or a strong magnetic pole. These two points have been achieved by Longde project

walking on the construction site of the pulping workshop, caikexin, deputy general manager of Jiamusi Longde Paper Co., Ltd., introduced to him, "the whole chain of this system for recycling waste paper is closely and efficiently connected. In the early stage of operation, 1000 meters of paper can be produced per minute, 1400 tons of paper can be produced per day, and the production capacity will soon be fully released."

in the office area, a pile of waste paper purchase intention agreements are placed in front of the desk, as if you saw the scene of shuttle loading and unloading trucks transporting waste paper to the workshop. Caikexin told: "These are the intention agreements signed between Longde paper and 11 waste paper packaging stations in Jiamusi region to purchase 3770 tons of waste paper per month. Since there are no large paper-making enterprises in our city, it is impossible to recycle waste paper locally. Most of the waste paper is sent to Liaoning, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and other places. We use the distance advantage to obtain the guarantee of waste paper raw materials, and can also drive the income of 71 waste paper packaging stations in 9 cities, such as Harbin, Daqing, Mudanjiang, Jixi."

according to the survey, the annual demand for paperboard and packaging paper in our province is about 1.2 million tons. At present, there is no large-scale corrugated base paper and carton paper production enterprise that meets the industrial requirements, and the production capacity of small-scale production enterprises is no more than 200000 tons. Most of the annual demand for paperboard and packaging paper needs to be purchased from Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei and other provinces, and the price is relatively high when in urgent need, and the supply cannot be fully guaranteed. After the completion of the project, It will fill the gap of large-scale high-grade packaging paper production plants in our province, and can take advantage of the geographical advantages to obtain waste paper raw materials and market share in the province

62 year old Wang Jiafeng used to work in Jiamusi paper mill. This year, Wang Jiafeng returned home from other places and volunteered to Longde paper technology department to contribute to the revitalization of Jiamusi "paper industry". Wang Jiafeng said, "I heard that the paper mill was rebuilt at the original site of Jiamusi paper mill. Several old colleagues and I came back to apply for the job at the first time. What we saw was the development prospect of 'Longde'."

at present, Longde paper has 84 employees, including 20 technicians and 7 original technicians of the old paper mill. In June 2020, Longde paper cooperated with Jiamusi Mingde vocational and technical school to train 100 pulp and paper workers aged 20 to 35, focusing on training them to become backbone employees

in addition to the "inward" development indicators, the effect space of a project is also associated with "outward"

in the project construction stage, local cement, sandstone, installation, decoration and other related enterprises have received the list of "Longde". In the trial production stage, we will establish cooperation with our packaging enterprises, logistics enterprises, printing... In the future, more than 10 enterprises will cooperate directly or indirectly with enterprises

after the project is put into operation, the annual sales revenue is more than 1.8 billion and the tax revenue is more than 150million. The "Longde" project paves the "golden path" for the recycling of waste paper. An industrial cluster prospered by "Longde" will rise, which also connects the hope of the city and the future of the industry

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