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Talking about the planning and publishing of the projects supported by the national publishing fund

the national publishing fund was established with the approval of the State Council in 2007. It is the third largest fund established by the country after the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation. Among the science and technology publishing projects funded by the national publishing foundation in 2011, the 20th century world architectural history was listed. We have the honor to participate in the application and work of this book. Formula: reviewing the application process of fund projects and the publishing operation of projects, some experiences are worth summarizing

fully demonstrate the feasibility of topic selection application

apply for funding from the national publishing fund, and mastering the topic selection of books is the key. Whether the selected topic meets the requirements of the publishing fund and promotes the cultural inheritance, social progress, national cultural development and scientific and technological progress must be considered first. The history of World Architecture in the 20th century is an imported book with copyright purchased from fiton publishing house in Britain. It is a benchmark work on World Architecture in the 20th century and can be called a classic. In order to deeply understand and grasp the feasibility of applying for the national publishing fund of the book, we have organized special demonstration meetings for many times, and invited senior experts and scholars from famous domestic architectural colleges and universities and young scholars who have studied abroad and emerged in the major of architecture in recent years to participate in the demonstration. After many arguments, it is believed that this book describes in detail the overall outline of the development of modern architecture in the world in the 20th century, and makes a superb analysis and interpretation of western architectural cases. It is the most informative book of this kind published in recent years. The publication of the Chinese version of the book will help promote the research of China's modern architectural history and the inheritance of architectural culture, further improve the design concept and level of architectural designers, provide a new way of thinking for China's urban construction, and meet the conditions for applying for the national publishing fund

on this basis, the introduction and publication of this book is also based on the following considerations: first, the content of western architectural history textbooks in China has become obsolete, and the publication of this book can make up for the gaps and deficiencies in this regard; Second, at present, most of the books about the history of Western architecture published in China are written by Chinese, and few Western works appear. How Westerners view their own and the world's architectural history and culture is something we need to understand and learn from

details can not be ignored

in the fund declaration, if you are limited by your professional background and do not have the professional quality of the proposed project recommendation letter, you can consult scholars and professors of relevant majors, who will evaluate the professional level and publishing needs of the proposed project. If possible, it is best to invite famous experts and academicians in the industry to recommend

filling in the fund declaration form is a very important link, which must not be taken lightly. The items to be filled in mainly include the introduction of the content of the manuscript, the introduction of the author, the arrangement of manuscript work, the investment of funds in each stage of publishing, the cost accounting of book production, etc. its content covers the whole process of publishing from topic selection planning, manuscript to book layout design, printing, etc., so the filling of the form needs the close cooperation of the publishing cost accounting personnel and the personnel of the financial department. The principle of filling in the form should be practical and realistic, and don't exaggerate, because each procedure will be reviewed by experts. Don't try to win more financial support with luxurious book production, which may be self defeating

set up an excellent team

in the planning and publishing process of the book "the history of World Architecture in the 20th century", the British publishing company has put forward strict requirements for the quality of content translation, layout and publishing time

in order to complete the translation of the book with high quality within the specified time, we have taken many measures to endow the vehicle transmission parts with excellent performance with this fluororubber material. For example, dozens of professors and scholars from 15 famous architectural colleges and universities in China, including Tsinghua University and Tongji University, were organized to participate in the translation and review of the book. In order to ensure the high quality of the translation work, at the beginning of the project, we organized a meeting to decompose the translation project, clarify the translation procedures and steps, and invited famous experts and scholars with deep learning and rich translation experience in the industry to attend the meeting to give guidance to those who participated in the translation of the book. In the process of translating manuscripts, measures such as mutual examination between translators, each B. load: 10 tons of internal self examination, inter school mutual examination and expert final examination are taken to ensure the quality of translation. In order to facilitate the timely communication of personnel participating in the project, an exchange platform has also been established. 1. Regular inspection must be carried out (about 310 working days in normal use), and translators can exchange views at any time. During the process of manuscript translation, a translation exchange meeting will be held in due time to discuss the cohesion of the contents of each chapter, the grasp of language style, the translation of unified proper nouns, and discuss the difficulties encountered in translation

generally, the projects that can be funded by the publishing fund are great works, so many experts and scholars participate. How to organize this team and how to do a good job in the coordination between experts and scholars should be considered as a whole. When we set up the translation team of world architectural history in the 20th century, we consulted famous experts in the industry. According to the experts' suggestions, we hired domestic scholars with excellent professional level and foreign language level in the field of world architectural history to participate, and paid attention to their age gradient and professional background configuration. Everyone communicated with each other, learned from each other, United and harmonious, and the work efficiency was very high

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