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Talking about the polishing characteristics of marble plate and its use and precautions

application of marble high gloss crystal surface reconstitution powder: it is applied to the treatment of marble crystal surface. This product is used for wet operation. In the shortest time, the bending resistance of adult toothbrush neck is ≥ 43n or within the deformation limit, the marble high gloss crystal surface is constantly reconstituted, which is used to treat the marble surface that has lost luster due to wear and other reasons


1. Use a floor cleaner with a rotating speed of 154 rpm and a machine weight of more than 45kg

2. The stone surface will not be scratched by steel wool

3. The stone surface will not change color or leave yellow rust

4. The stone surface is as bright as water. At present, it is mainly produced by small enterprises, which is very hierarchical

5, low cost, time-saving and labor-saving

6. It has the effects of preventing dirt from penetrating into the inner layer of the stone, enhancing wear resistance and skid resistance


1. Thoroughly clean the marble surface before use

2. Mix the marble crystal powder into a paste with clean water and apply it on the red polishing pad

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3. Keep the ground moist during the operation of the floor sweeper

4. When there is a high gloss crystal surface on the surface of the marble, use a water suction machine to absorb the ground paste

5. Wipe away the residue with a mop

6. Absorb dry with water

7. The white project team expects its partners to use compact molding, injection molding Machining and 3D printing to produce plastic parts, color polishing and polishing or wiping with a dry cloth to make the ground completely clean and dry

8. If the stone surface is not completely dry, it will affect the visual effect


1. It is forbidden to use artificial marble and black marble with low water absorption

2. If you accidentally touch your eyes, you should wash them with clean water or seek medical treatment

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